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Revitalize Energy
Steve sugulas

Just stings a little.
Not any different from visine !

Revitalize Energy
Michael Vardeman
Wake up

They really wake up my tired eyes

Cataract surgery

The surgery I had has delayed my use of Revitalize. In a few weeks I will be able to answer by a more knowledgeable experience,

Revitalize Energy
Patricia Contardo
My Eyes thank you…

Great product- helping tremendously with fatigued and dry eyes!!

Revitalize Energy
John Walsh
Noticeable improvement

I’ve tried several brands of artificial tears with limited success. I found that Revitalize effects last longer as far as both lubricating and soothing my eyes. I would like to use it more than 4 times daily, but I assume there’s a reason for the limitation so I save it for those times when I’m most uncomfortable and supplement it with other products.

Revitalize Energy
Ashley McLoud
Had to stop using

Unfortunately they burned my eyes an unbelievable amount and caused a lot of watering of my eyes through the day. I was super hopeful these would help my eyes to not feel sleepy.

Interesting Product

I've never tried this type of eyedrop before, but ever since I purchased its been my go-to for feeling awake in the mornings. It does give your eye a temporary tingle, but after I feel so much more awake! Just wish I had this product when I was in college for those early morning classes I nodded off during every morning!

Revitalize Energy
Molly Urbina

Revitalize Energy

Revitalize Energy
Debbie Turpin

Happy with the product…recommend by Liondad_1987….from MO

Good stuff!

I start my days sadly with chats (At least 2 users at a time).
I'm usually still sleep stupid and groggy AF as it's BC (AKA "Before coffee".) so I now start my shifts with these drops. I really only need them just that once in the a.m., personally but I'm also hoarding them like a fat kid with chocolate (Yes, I know, I CAN order more)
They feel amazing! You have yourself a repeat customer!

These things are a literal life saver. I use them in between every one of my classes.

Revitalize Energy
Anonymous (Pitt CS Student)

Revitalize is strong when you first put them in. As you blink you feel a lot of cooling and your eyes feel more open and bright. 

I use Revitalize when I am delivering for the door dash. I typically work nights so I am always in need of something to keep me going. I like that Revitalize really seems to help keep me from zoning out behind the wheel. I use it around 5 times when I work and I haven’t had to rely too much on redbull. 

I work in sales so I’m constantly behind the wheel going to and from appointments. I try to use Revitalize before going into each meeting because it helps me focus and perk right up. Biggest thing for me is I can keep these on me at all times and I don’t have to stop. 

This opens my eyes right up. It feels like someone is massaging my eyes. I like using this at work instead of drinking extra coffee. I feel like I should keep this on my desk

For me, I use Revitalize during my workday. My entire day is spent behind a computer screen and it absolutely zaps me of energy. Revitalize gives me the boost I need to keep going. The cooling effect helps my eyes feel refreshed even at the very end of my day. Perhaps the biggest thing is that Revitalize doesn’t make me crash. When I have an energy drink, the hardest thing is the comedown. Revitalize does a good job of making me feel more awake at a much more consistent level. 

Revitalize Energy
Anonymous (CMU Engineering Student, Pittsburgh)

I wish I had these for my freshmen year. An absolute finals week NECESSITY

How I Revitalize (pun intended) is right before I step on the mat of kickboxing class at 7pm. I've found that my caffeine go-to (coke zero) prevents me from falling asleep at night and Revitalize fills the gap for later hours that doesn't mess with my sleep. I also use it when I'm doing longer distance driving. The cooling effect is amazing during times when my eyes are so tired from the sun's rays on my windshield. It doesn't make my heart palpitate like energy drinks, just a nice boost of feeling more awake but not overtly pumped.

Working in finance basically means my day is just spreadsheets on spreadsheets. Revitalize keeps me focused and awake. 

Working in food service is just about as tiring as it gets. I don’t always have time to snag a cup of coffee when things are crazy. Revitalize is perfect cause I can pop them in and within a few seconds I am back after it. 

Revitalize Energy
Anonymous (CMU Business student)

Never thought my eyes could get energized but these things worked like a charm. Love this stuff

Revitalize Stings a little at first but it really does the job. My eyes feel much more refreshed and awake.

Revitalize Energy
Anonymmous (MBA Student, Pittsburgh)

After putting these in, I feel like I just woke up from getting a full night's sleep