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Wow amazing relief on tired redness eyes. Recommend to everyone, and I’m buying again.

Revitalize Energy
Wilson Keith
Test: Yes
It's real!! I LOVE THIS IT!

I declare, this product is the real deal. I had 4 eye appointments in 3 months. I thought the issue was me getting old. THIS PRODUCT is everything & more! Try it you will be happy like me.

I order more

Revitalize Energy
Cassandra Burnside
Test: No
Great product

This product is great. Would highly recommend

Revitalize Energy
Derrick Williams
Test: Yes
Love it

Just love it to death.....

I love using this when I wake up in the morning. It really helps jumpstart my day!

Revitalize Energy
Mary Rogers-Woroniec
Test: Yes
I am Sold

I get sleepy in the afternoon unless I skip lunch, which is difficult because my breakfast is a spot of oatmeal. I have tested these drops and am convinced they perk me up and prevent the “sleepies”. I am telling everyone about Revitalize Energy. I used to rub my coffee in my eyes which also works but this is superior with the other benefits.

Revitalize Energy
Charlie Ireland

I put some drops in and it does have a cooling feeling, I have to keep my eyes closed for a bit. It feels good for a while but I wish it lasted longer. in fact, I have to use it now.

At first, I kind of thought this was a joke, but after trying it, I absolutely fell in love with it, and it works wonderfully

It does the job… but it does burn when you first put it in your eyes. 👍👍👍

it does work. My eyes feel much better when I use the drops. I do recommend.

The eye drops burns about 30 seconds after applying. I don't think they do anything to help with eye strain or my eyes blaringness.

Definitely helps my tired eyes

This is really works! I highly recommend!

Revitalize Energy
Michael Vardeman
Wake up

They really wake up my tired eyes

Cataract surgery

The surgery I had has delayed my use of Revitalize. In a few weeks I will be able to answer by a more knowledgeable experience,

Best ever. My eyes thank you!!

Revitalize Energy
Patricia Contardo
My Eyes thank you…

Great product- helping tremendously with fatigued and dry eyes!!

Revitalize Energy
John Walsh
Noticeable improvement

I’ve tried several brands of artificial tears with limited success. I found that Revitalize effects last longer as far as both lubricating and soothing my eyes. I would like to use it more than 4 times daily, but I assume there’s a reason for the limitation so I save it for those times when I’m most uncomfortable and supplement it with other products.

Interesting Product

I've never tried this type of eyedrop before, but ever since I purchased its been my go-to for feeling awake in the mornings. It does give your eye a temporary tingle, but after I feel so much more awake! Just wish I had this product when I was in college for those early morning classes I nodded off during every morning!

Revitalize Energy
Molly Urbina

Revitalize Energy

Revitalize Energy
Debbie Turpin

Happy with the product…recommend by Liondad_1987….from MO

Good stuff!

I start my days sadly with chats (At least 2 users at a time).
I'm usually still sleep stupid and groggy AF as it's BC (AKA "Before coffee".) so I now start my shifts with these drops. I really only need them just that once in the a.m., personally but I'm also hoarding them like a fat kid with chocolate (Yes, I know, I CAN order more)
They feel amazing! You have yourself a repeat customer!

Refreshing and cooling on the eyes.

These things are a literal life saver. I use them in between every one of my classes.