Instantly Soothe Tired Eyes
1 month supply per bottle
Cooling & energizing with no coffee jitters
Convenient, easy to use for travel
Rated 4.8 stars
Meets all FDA requirements for irritation & stability
Manufactured in an FDA approved cGMP facility in the USA
All ingredients are GRAS certified
Less Caffeine = Better Sleep
Revitalize Energy's patented formula provides the energizing effect of caffeine without leaving you awake at night.
Using the eye as a delivery mechanism instead of your digestive system requires a lot less caffeine.
Where coffee and energy drinks might require some time to take effect, Revitalize is instant.
Provides sustained energy for 1-3 hours which means you can sleep well at night even if you use Revitalize at 8PM. We're looking at you late coffee drinkers that toss & turn at night!
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Perfect for On the Go
Small and compact 10 ml bottle easily fits in oyur pocket, perfect for a grab & go situation best for:
Anyone who spends an extended amount of time staring at a screen
Chronic eye fatigue from gaming, contact lenses, long distance driving, etc.
Easy to carry energy boost for frequent travelers
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The humans behind Revitalize would like to say...
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You'll never try another eye drop again
  • Those who have tried our eye drops to soothe eye fatigue are hooked on the soothing sensation.
  • Upon application, there's a distinctive cooling and soothing feeling designed to help flush out the eye.
  • Our stimulants help with the focus adjustment mechanism of the eye.
Patented Formula
  • We developed our formulation to make the treatment of eye fatigue higher quality, faster, and more efficient.
  • Cedars Sinai states that Computer Vision Syndrome is a group of eye and vision problems that are symptomized by itchy or teary eyes that are dry and red.
  • You may not be able to focus normally from problems caused by prolonged computer and digital device use.
  • Most computer or digital device users have symptoms that can lead to digital eye strain in children and adults alike
From Start to Finish
  • We are a proud MADE IN THE USA product from formula to packaging always busy creating smarter, solutions to solve the most common complaints of dry red eyes from prolonged screen usage.
  • Our bottles are sourced from the USA and produced in St. Louis, MO in a cGMP facility that undergoes regular FDA inspections.
Why You Should Choose Revitalize Energy Eye Drops?
Revitalize Eye Drops
10ml bottle gives you 30 days of energy
Patented formula of caffeine and taurine work together to relieve eye fatigue, redness, and makes you feel more awake
Soothing & cooling sensation
Made in the USA
The Leading Eye Drop
Expensive at $20+ for a 7.5ml bottle
No innovation in formula
No sensation marking effectiveness, feels like water
Ingredients may be imported and/or manufacturing is done abroad
Relief & Energy when you need it the most - INSTANTLY!
The eyes are the focal point of your face in a world full of video calls. Show 'em who's boss!
Customer Love Us
Working in food service is just about as tiring as it gets. I don't always have time to snag a cup of coffee when things are crazy. Revitalize is perfect because I can pop them in and within a few seconds I am back after it. 
Revitalize Energy Eyedrops
These things are a literal life saver, I use them in between every one of my classes.
Revitalize Energy Eyedrops
This opens my eyes right up. It feels like someone is massaging my eyes. I like using this at work instead of drinking extra coffee. I feel like I should keep this on my desk. 
Revitalize Energy Eyedrops
I use Revitalize when I am delivering for door dash. I typically work nights so I am always in need of something to keep me going. I like that Revitalize really seems to help keep me from zoning out behind the wheel.
Revitalize 3 Month Suppy
Buy For Your Family And Friends
A bundle makes a great gift for your friends & family who drink waaaayy too much coffee.
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3 Month Supply
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Have questions?
We have answers!
What does Revitalize feel like?
Upon application Revitalize creates a cooling and refreshing sensation that spreads throughout the surface of the eye. After a few seconds, the area behind and under the eye feels as though they have been cleared out or opened up. That is the stimulants interacting.
Will it sting my eyes?
There is a substantial cooling sensation that, for some people, stings. However the majority of users report very little stinging.
How many times a day can I use it?
Revitalize can be used up to 4 times a day with 1-2 drops in each eye. We recommend waiting at least an hour between applications.
How does Revitalize wake me up?
Revitalize includes a proprietary blend of stimulants that help take stress off the focus adjustment mechanism of the eye. That combined with our cooling sensation is the perfect balance to refresh the eye and wake you up.
Does it help with Redness/Dry Eye as well?
Yes! Although Revitalize is designed to treat screen fatigue, it also includes the a redness reliever and a lubricant in the form of Naphazoline HCL and Propylene Glycol
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