Our Mission
To help you reach peak performance any time of day for any challenge.

We do this with a short-term burst performance hack that allowed a restful night's sleep, perfect for those who don't want another cup of coffee or those who don't drink coffee at all. 
Revitalize was initially created in a changing environment when classes and work all shifted to the web. Our founders started experiencing screen fatigue and needed relief fast that wasn't as strong as an energy drink and would not upset the natural sleep cycle. 
Woman & Minority Founder
Proudly Made in the USA
University of Pittsburgh
Meet our team
Kyle, Co-founder & CEO is a Business Adminstration graduate from the University of Pittsburgh. Excelling in Sales & Partnerships, he conceived of the product concept and leads formulation and strategy. In his spare time, Kyle is a avid Gamer & an experienced Muay Thai martial artist.

Tammy, Co-founder and CFO joined Kyle about a year after inception. She LOVES numbers and runs financial models and insights but dabbles in e-commerce, design and marketing when she's not being bossed around by her toddler. Tammy holds a yellow belt in kickboxing.
Our Values
A large contributor to Revitalize Energy's early successes are honesty and transparency. We value your trust and everyone who has invested or supported Revitalize in any way receive only the truth from us, whether it is good news or not.

We Act with Urgency

We pay attention to your feedback and address it by making a better product.

We believe people do their best work when they can fully own their work and carry out their vision. We coach but do not micro-manage. We know what it's like to be in toxic workplaces and have no desire to repeat unhealthy work cultures.

We are very collaborative! Not just internally but also with our external partnerships. We strive for win-win scenarios.

We strive to produce the best possible product in the categories we participate in. We either get it right or we go home!